Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Changes to

Change always comes bearing gifts.  - Price Pritchett

Transitions are challenging.  They also are great opportunities for the emergence of new ideas and improvements.  As it says at the top of the page, the true purpose of is to provide a vehicle for collaboration and a forum to exchange ideas for the sole purpose changing Rhode Island's fundamentally broken systems.

The problems that plague Rhode Island are not unique to our state.  We welcome viewpoints, input and resources from around the country and around the globe. is a place to share best practices and have frank discussions about the challenges we collectively face so we may surface opportunities to work together to improve.

So what specific changes are in store for

Quality versus Quantity
We will focus on providing weekly or twice-weekly posts about a current issue or resource that we believe is relevant to the discussion of how Lean Thinking can positively impact our state - both in the private and in the public sector.  As a reader (whether in Rhode Island or facing challenges in your own state), you are absolutely encouraged to provide insights, feedback and links to resources that are relevant to the discussion.

Collaboration and Expert Voices
Up until this point, has had one primary voice.  In the coming weeks and months, we will feature articles and posts from guests and collaborators.  The Lean Nation radio show (4-5pm weekdays on 790AM, and has provided us with a vast network of world-class resources.  We will invite them to post and participate in this discussion.  If you have a contribution or would like to share your insights with the LeanRI audience, please send an email to Linda Kleineberg [lindak at]

As the new moderator for, I'm excited about the changes in store and welcome your feedback as we go forward.  This is the Plan...  and I'm looking forward to the Doing, the Checking and the Adjusting to create a rich forum for discussion.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Article on Virginia Mason using TPS

This is a great article about Virginia Mason's Lean Journey and how they are building a better hospital based on the Toyota Production System...

Here's the first section... read the rest of the article at

To build a better hospital, Virginia Mason takes lessons from Toyota plants


When you think of a hospital, what comes to mind? Patients, emergency rooms, technology and medical advancements. Making the sick and injured well again.

When officials at Virginia Mason think of hospitals, they think of cars. A car manufacturing plant, to be exact.

Beginning in 2000 the hospital's leaders looked at their infrastructure and saw it was designed around them, not the patient, said Dr. Gary Kaplan, Virginia Mason's chairman and chief executive officer.

For example, you hurry up and be on time, only to wait for the physician to see you.

They began looking for a better way to improve quality, safety and patient satisfaction...

read the rest of the article