Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lean thought for the day

Culture of Fulfillment
In my mind, the greatest leaders create a culture of fulfillment, thereby gaining such desired benefits as increased productivity, greater retention, lower costs, and cultural differentiation.

1) Productivity. People who find fulfillment in their jobs work with enthusiasm, passion, and attention to quality—mostly because they develop a sense of ownership and take pride in what they are doing. They’ll arrive early, stay later, pitch in outside their area of responsibility and seek ways to improve their performance—all with-out being asked.

2) Greater retention and lower costs. People hang on to fulfilling jobs as long as they can, knowing that their chances of finding another one are slim. And fulfilled employees attract other good employees, either by actively recruiting them or by telling friends about their enthusiasm for their work. This results in lower costs for recruiting, hiring, and retaining.

3) Cultural differentiation. People begin to take greater interest in their colleagues, helping them find meaning and relevance in their work and find better ways to gauge their own success. This gives them a greater sense of meaning while creating a sustainable cultural advantage.

Lencioni, Patrick. “Greatest Leaders.” Academy Leadership. 02 Oct. 2008.

28 May. 2009

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