Thursday, May 21, 2009

VIBCO to Host President's Event on 6/15 - "Learning to See"

PRESIDENT’S EVENT - “Learning to See”
What does every organization have in common? Waste. It is everywhere - all throughout your business. It’s in your inventory, your accounts payable processes, your maintenance program, your production process and (gasp!) it’s in your very own office. Learn to see waste and start acquiring the tools to eliminate it by participating in the next VIBCO University President’s Event. President’s Events are open to any company officer or senior level executive.

You will be welcomed with a few brief remarks over coffee and pastries and then will immediately break into small groups for a 1.5 hour plant tour where you will see, first hand, the unbelievable results of getting lean. This is your opportunity to directly interact with the Vibration Nation... VIBCO employees! Ask questions and get real answers from the folks actually doing the work. They’ll share their lean transformation stories and demonstrate how they are actively removing waste from their work flow.

Once the tour is complete, you will participate in an interactive overview of “lean thinking”. This is the first step to building your lean toolbox. You will absolutely take away ideas that you can start implementing now... passion, culture, leadership, strategic deployment. Prepare to get to work!

VIBCO Vibrators is firmly committed to the sideways sharing of our knowledge and experience - yokoten. We believe in the collective power of lean to transform our economy and create a better future. That is why we host these events. All we ask is that you share the knowledge, inspiration and experience you have with us with others in your organization and your network.

Plus... Once you have attended a President’s Event, any of your staff are welcome to participate (always at no charge) in any VIBCO University lean training course, space permitting. Courses are run weekly, typically on Thursdays. Topics include an Introduction to Lean, Kaizen Events, Value Stream Mapping, and more.

The next President’s Event is:
8:00am - 12:00pm
VIBCO World Headquarters: 75 Stilson Road, Wyoming, RI

To register, please call 401-539-2392 or email

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