Monday, May 11, 2009

Lean thought for the day

Lean thinkers are intuitive

Intuition can be developed through practice and immersion. Practice is doing the same thing so many times that you no more know that you know. Imagine how Roger Federer swings his tennis racket, without thinking and knowing how exactly he achieves whatever he achieves!
Immersion means such a deep experience that it enters the implicit memory and stays firmly lodged without your being aware it is there. It equates with what sports psychologists call "flow" or being "in the zone."

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  1. This is so true... I'm reminded of Maslow's heirarchy - that immersion in Lean follows a similar progression.

    Physiological: we need lean to keep our business alive today
    Safety: we need lean so we can keep our business living tomorrow
    Love, affection, belongingness: we need lean because we care about our business and our customers
    Esteem: we need lean because we feel good about our business and how we are helping it to thrive
    Self-Actualization: we are "in the groove" and have become lean thinkers in all facets of our lives