Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lean thought for the day

Lean across govenment agencies:
How to allign Multi-Agency Government Processes that involve hand-offs among multiple government agencies or offices pose unique challenges and opportunities. Each agency has its own internal process that interfaces with other agencies’ processes. These agency-specific processes may not be well-aligned and process “ownership” boundaries may not be clear. Value stream mapping can be a powerful tool for building cross-agency understanding, trust, and alignment. Kaizen (continuous improvemtent) events can help improve internal agency processes that interface with the multi-agency process. Leadership and political will across the participating agencies is typically needed to navigate obstacles arising from differences in agencies’ missions, goals, and organizational cultures.
Think carefully about which processes types you want to target first and set realistic expectations for results.
By focusing on improving the process and not pointing fingers on people managment and line workers can eliminate waste by finding solutions together.

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