Tuesday, June 16, 2009

VIBCO Yokoten of the Week

Current State:
Shannon is often assigned projects/tasks verbally or via email. At times projects would be pushed aside or forgotten due to distractions and lack of a proper organizational procedure. She would be asked to report on her progress and often did not have the answers ready. She would run around wasting time looking for the answers.

Shannon knew she needed to find an answer to this problem. She decided to use a dry erase board to list her projects and show the progress she has made on each one. That way as soon as she is assigned a task or project, she writes it on her board! She starts by writing the date the project was assigned, description and any constraints or reasons it may not be completed. Now anyone can come into her office at any time and see what is in Shannon's queue and why it is not finished. Now nothing gets forgotten and Shannon never has to worry about explaining why certain projects take longer than expected.

Wastes Eliminated:

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